Knowing the Good and Bad Effect of Cheese

Published: 28th April 2010
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Cheese is very rich of calcium, phosphorous, zinc, vitamins A, riboflavin, and vitamin B12. Therefore, not surprising that cheese, which is initially produced by the Egyptians, is now become favorite breakfast menu in many countries around the world.

Call it cheddar cheese. Apparently, a portion or about 30 g cheddar cheese contains only had 200 grams of calcium or equivalent to that calcium found in pure milk medium.

Well, some experts believe that cheese can reduce the risks of the fragility of our teeth. Researchers from the British Cheese Board also reiterated the content of tryptophan in cheese can help relieve stress and makes us able to sleep more soundly.

Although cheese has many benefits for our health, but for some people, cheese and some other dairy products could turn into "forbidden" menu. For example, the Kasein in cheese can worsen the condition of autism. While Lactose in the cheese cheddar can be dangerous for people who are suffering from Lactose Intolerance.

Moreover, you have to worry about the making process of cheese. Because the cheese with minimum process can contain bacteria that could increase the risk of various infections, such as Listeriosis with symptoms of nausea and stomach cramps.

This kind a "special attention" does not mean that we should stop being a lover of cheese. All you need is only get used to choose cheese made from goat's milk or sheep. Because this type of cheese contains conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) which will help us reduce the inflammation and the buildup of plaque in blood vessels.

Avoid eating cheese that tasted too salty to keep maintain your heart and blood pressure. In addition, you also can choose low-fat cheese which is now sold in many supermarkets.

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